Comfort Food

FYI: This took a month to write…sorry for infrequent posting.

Often times we think of comfort food as a food we fondly remember eating as a child or a special dish we religiously make for a holiday. Grandpa’s ‘German’ potato salad at amBBQ…drool.

Sometimes it’s a dish a loved one makes you when you’re sick with a cold.

Or maybe a hot meal you share with your love on a snowy night.

But what role should food play when you’re going through something sad? I’m not going to lie, it’s been a really rough time for me lately. And one of the few things that has given me a ‘little’ bit of happiness in a very dark place has been food.

I have managed to continue to eat healthy much through the holidays and into the winter. But in a sad time, sometimes you just need ‘a glass of coca cola.’ Or some mac and cheese. Or some chocolate.

So yes, I’ve taken ‘comfort’ in some foods that aren’t the best for me. And yes, the scale has reflected that. But it was needed. And appreciated. And calming. And distracting. But this week I’m ‘back in the saddle again.’ And surprisingly it has been pretty easy, and ‘comforting,’ to eat the healthy way again.

Regardless, we all deal with pain differently. However, it isn’t safe to continue that pattern. I’m glad my brain has been rewired to acknowledge the difference.

Bigger and better places… 🙂


Hello 15!

I considered it punishment when getting on the scale today.

After all…yesterday I was at an Ocktoberfest. I had a beer AND a small piece of pretzel. BLASPHEMY!

So when I saw the number, I thought I was dreaming. Especially since I’ve been teetering around the same place for two weeks it feels. I got on the scale again, and sure enough! I’m down 15 pounds!!!

Now, here’s why this is such a big deal:

1. I haven’t lost that much weight in a clip since 2007.

2. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any fall clothes( and do I need them!) until I lost 15 lbs. 


So it looks like I’ll be doing a little shopping in a week or two!!! 

But I won’t be buying too much…because there’s more to loose!