Yesterday was my birthday. I oddly woke up at 7:15 AM without any wakes from Scarlett or myself. She’s slept this long before a few times, so I didn’t have the typical ‘Omg! Is she still breathing?’ Mom fear. The day before was pretty bad as I decided to cut her off from my breast cold turkey. I did cave at bedtime though and breastfed her to sleep- I think we both needed the relief. I thought- what a nice birthday gift of sleeping in! 

The real gift came later in the morning. As if a switch went off, Scarlett took a bottle ALL DAY without fighting or crying. I was shocked with every feeding as the day went on. She had a good day of eating and napping. My daughter gave me the best gift I had hoped and prayed for for the past two months. 

Whether it only lasts the one day or not, my daughter’s gift reminded me how parenthood is very much like a roller coaster. Last week the cars were riding very low. This week they’re riding high. And perhaps we will no longer have the plateaus I was looking for…who rides a roller coaster that goes straight? This is life now. And it’s pretty grand. 


Happy New Year!-Don’t Blow it on Resolutions

I’m so glad I started my diet 4 days ago and not today. I can positively tell you that if I started today, I wouldn’t be able to keep it going. I’m sure I’ll fail. Last night at dinner I was good- I had ONE tiny sip of a beer, ONE tiny bite of a pretzel and a half of a potato pancake. And I’m almost positive that wheat is the main culprit. After those bites, I almost instantly started itching, and the stomach pains that followed were insane. Despite the fact I drank too much when we got home, and I am still nursing a headache (coffee helps!), I feel good that I didn’t break the diet. There were MANY temptations, but I didn’t give in.

Like many, we all make today this monumental day of declaration of all that we want to change about ourselves. We treat today as some day of magic, where we cast ‘wishes’ of what we want different in our lives, and somehow we assume that by declaring them on this day, our wishes we be fulfilled. Sadly, two weeks later, so many of us give up because we don’t see the immediate results. What we don’t think about is many of the resolutions we make require HARD WORK. Loosing weight, eating healthy, getting organized, meeting people, starting a new career, making more money, being a ‘better’ person- these are all things that require us to CHANGE who we are, and that’s very hard to do. Many people treat things as ‘topical changes,’ when these changes are very internal and very personal.

Instead of spending the day thinking of all things that you don’t like about yourself, list all of the things you LOVE about yourself. And come up with resolutions to make those good qualities shine in the coming year. Those resolutions will be easier to keep!

And spend the day pampering you! Make your resolutions tomorrow!


Happy New Year from Liz and Michael!