I’ve Become THAT Girl

You know the one…

That girl that is really athletic. That girl that LOVES exercise. That girl that bounces around excited about going to the gym, when you can’t wait to get home and plop on the couch? The one that makes you feel super guilty about neglecting yourself because you ‘just don’t have time’ or ‘too tired today’ to hit the gym?

I have always, 100%, bonafide hated exercise. I’m not super agile or have fast reflexes. I’m a bit of a slow processor, so playing sports was never my thing. Plus, a scarred ego from elementary school ‘not making any teams’ haunts me to this day. 

So when I tell you I’ve become the girl I used to hate, I have to pinch myself to believe it. But I have become that girl. 

An athlete.

The window opened on my birthday. A friend gave me a birthday card that read, “Happy Birthday to a great friend and an amazing athlete.” 

ATHLETE??? Me? I never gave myself that title. And no one ever gave it to me…until now.

I have been actively involved in Crossfit since November. It started as a few free classes with friends, and has evolved into a personal journey. A journey that have finally given me the assurance that I can be athletic. A journey I never thought I’d get to take.

Many people who have learned I do Crossfit have expressed interest in the sport, but anxiety about being able to do it. I hear words like “It’s too intense!” “I’m not fit enough!” “You have to be really athletic to do Crossfit.”

These are all BIG myths. (I started with not having exercised in almost two years.) And my body has changed so much- I have had more people tell me how good I look in the last month, than ever in my life. And I owe it all to my box (Crossfit gym). 🙂 I have fun. I’ve made friends. And never once have I felt less than what someone else can do-because everyone believes in each other. It’s a community. I feel good there. CF13S is home.

I find myself begging people to try it with me one day. 

So yes, I am THAT girl now. Who’s gonna join me?






Coca Cola et al.

Have you seen this commercial yet?

What do think about this?

Many people will find this as a company being responsible- without saying it outright, Coca Cola is basically saying Coke is major cause in obesity. And in some regards I could respect that- except that’s only half the problem. What they’re promoting instead are their “180” beverages that are low or no calorie. Because God-forbid Coca Cola looses money off this.

Do you think this is being responsible? On one side of the coin, they are finally admitting that their product does have high amounts of sugar in them and is a major contributor to obesity.

But Coca Cola has been around for 100 years….. why NOW is it part of the obesity problem? Why not 50 years ago? Even 20 years ago….

I got really mad when Mayor Bloomberg in NYC tried to ban super sized soda in the city. His intentions were good, but the approach was all wrong. Instead of just banning large sodas, why not use that money for education instead of lobbying?

Is the problem really the food?

I’m sure everyone saw the documentary “Supersize Me.” Or at least heard of it. If not here’s a link. After watching that, I vowed that fast food was the reason everyone was getting fat-including me-even though fast food was never really part of my diet to begin with. Growing up, fast food was a treat. It was something we had only when my mom was sick with a cold and couldn’t cook, on a road trip or at a birthday party (having your birthday party at McDonald’s in the 80s meant you were the coolest kid in the world BTW). Even when I got old enough to make and purchase food on my own, I never let fast food become the forefront of my diet.

And then I saw Fat Head. This documentary has the same idea as Supersize Me, but the goal was to debunk the notion that fast food companies are to blame for our obesity epidemic. And it did.

And there lies the problem:


Not that I’m letting fast food companies off the hook. They aren’t truthful with their nutrition facts, they lobby the FDA to design the food pyramid to boost consumption of corn and wheat to profit agribusiness, they pump up their serving sizes to make you eat more so you buy more…it’s bad. However, none of these companies tie you down and force the food in your mouth! And I’ll save the whole GMO debate for another time.

So even though I want to be mad a Coca Cola for putting out these healthy commercials- because NOTHING they produce is healthy- including their zero calorie drinks (another blog), I can’t be. They’re doing something responsible- they are educating people. And they really don’t have to.