I am a middle school art teacher in Morristown, New Jersey. I truly believe food rules the world. And if food is prepared with love, it’s worth more than its weight in gold. Think about some of the best times in your life- holidays, birthdays, weddings…food is in the center of it all. And sometimes food makes a sad time a little more bearable.

I grew up in one of the few homes where the dad went to work and the mother stayed home. So there were home cooked meals every night. There were no shortcuts to cooking. Almost everything was made from scratch. I can remember that as we got older, my sisters and I had to BEG for a box mix birthday cake- WHAT WAS WRONG WITH US?!?! SO it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a food and wine snob. If I don’t taste the love in something, I can’t eat it. I guess that makes me a ‘food psychic?’ I’m sure that’s happened to all of us- at a restaurant, order something that leaves your mouth watering, and then it comes out and you are horribly disappointed. It’s not your fault. That food wasn’t made with love.

So this blog pays homage to food love according to Liz. If I love it, it will go on here. Hence the name. Everyone’s tastes are different. I’m sharing my taste- of food, restaurants, wine, and anything that affects the natural love of food. So occasionally, I may post an opinion or two on what’s happening with food in the world- from agribusiness to farmers markets. However, my quest for food love is at the center of all posts (and some humor as well).

So sit back, and enjoy the blog!


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