Yesterday was my birthday. I oddly woke up at 7:15 AM without any wakes from Scarlett or myself. She’s slept this long before a few times, so I didn’t have the typical ‘Omg! Is she still breathing?’ Mom fear. The day before was pretty bad as I decided to cut her off from my breast cold turkey. I did cave at bedtime though and breastfed her to sleep- I think we both needed the relief. I thought- what a nice birthday gift of sleeping in! 

The real gift came later in the morning. As if a switch went off, Scarlett took a bottle ALL DAY without fighting or crying. I was shocked with every feeding as the day went on. She had a good day of eating and napping. My daughter gave me the best gift I had hoped and prayed for for the past two months. 

Whether it only lasts the one day or not, my daughter’s gift reminded me how parenthood is very much like a roller coaster. Last week the cars were riding very low. This week they’re riding high. And perhaps we will no longer have the plateaus I was looking for…who rides a roller coaster that goes straight? This is life now. And it’s pretty grand. 


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