Good Riddance- Time of My Life

Today’s the last day of school. Normally I’d be pretty excited, yet somewhat melancholy…sad to see the kids go as we wave them goodbye as their busses drive away.

This year is different. I’m the one driving off. I’m leaving a place that has brought me great joy for many years. A place that helped me into the person I am today. A place with the best freaking staff a girl could ever dream of.

And I’m leaving it all to fulfill a dream. Teaching high school.


I’m pretty big into music. So sometimes it’s easier to describe how I feel by playing a song. So here is a song that’s been on my mind a lot this week:


I found this website the other day that explained how some songs meanings were misinterpreted, and Good Riddance is one of the top songs. It’s title alone should elude to what the song is about: Good Riddance. If you think about it in a condescending way, this song is telling you ‘hope you liked your time here jerk, cause now it’s over!’

However this is the number 1 prom song in America for teens to say goodbye to.

I can get behind both…but this song is helping me get through these last days. As if it is playing in the background as I do things for the last time at school.

But this song doesn’t express the gratitude I have for the amazing people who I worked with all these years.

I have one song, and one song only that I must dedicate to the people I have worked with the past 6 years. It will not be goodbye to most, but I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you. And all the good times….because I never left work with out a smile on my face. So instead of ending on a sad note….I’m ending with a dance. Because that’s just how we all do things where I work!






At the farmer’s market this weekend there was this lady selling a bunch of exotic salts infused with various spices, fruit, etc. So, of course I spent $30 on a sampler pack. 

The other night the hubs and I did a tasting with some veggies and the savory group. 


This is a fun new thing!!! I was pretty excited to try all the different flavors. And it got me thinking of easy summer grilling will be with these salts, as they act almost like a marinade. And the sweet ones would be cool with some fruit and dark chocolate.

In other words, I have my entire summer meals menu planned out already. And it will be super easy too!


Has anyone else out there heard of this new fan dangled thing???

If not, and you’re curious, here’s a link to the place I got my salts. 


I firmly believe everything is an ebb and flow…much like the waves in the ocean. Good things wash ashore and give the beach the sacrifices of the ocean. I often wonder when I see a shell how far it traveled to get to shore. Miles? Yards? Feets?


So when you think of an ebb and flow, you must honor the fact there is good and bad. Positive and Negative.

I think I have been ebbing for quite sone time. Feeling pretty good about myself. Somewhat invincible. 

Today was the flow. Helen.

I feel defeated. Shaken. Disappointed in my body.



But instead of focusing on the negative, I will focus on the positive.

Today reaffirmed my choice in gyms.

Thank you Jenna for running the end with me. Thank you for helping me find my breathe. And thank you for not talking, so I didn’t cry.

Thank you Dan for running with me too until the end.

Thank you Tim for meeting me at the landing of the stairs.

And thank you to the whole class that stayed with me and counted with me and cheered me on. 


Even though I came in dead last.


I found my breath. I finished. 


Always finish what you started…