Coming Back

Two weeks ago I went back into my healthy eating regime. IT was an easy transition. Something I didn’t have to think about really….except when the girl scout cookies came!

But I never thought it would be as hard as it’s been getting back to the gym.

I really like my gym. I missed it the month I was gone. It’s a truly supportive community. My friends are the owners. It’s exactly what I need to stay motivated- because it take A LOT for me to stay motivated about working out. But coming back has been hard…emotionally. I’m sad that my body took such a wrong turn in such a quick time. And it makes me feel a little bit like I was robbed.

I was very hard on myself about it. And busy days didn’t help either…

But Thursday I felt good again. I had a good workout, and my trainer sent me a link to this blog:

Reading this really forced me to change my perspective on my situation. I can’t change it. I have to accept it and move on. And I should be proud of myself for going back in the first place, rather than beat myself up for not being in the place I was before. Shit- I cleaned 75 lbs. in my first lift since January! I should be proud of that! And the fact l did go back…I should really be proud of that!

Maybe someone is reading this is in a ‘back to the gym’ rut. Or maybe it’s not the gym, but a place in life you’d like to be. Please go back. Or just go if you need to and haven’t. It’s painful. It hurts. You will feel ashamed. But YOU WILL HAVE WENT BACK!




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