Thanks- Day 29

Today I was really thankful to have the day off. While everyone was running around making fools of themselves at Walmart, I went and got a massage. Got take out, put up the Christmas decorations, and went to bed at 9PM!!!! It was glorious!


Thanks- Day 28

400 years ago a small group of people risked starvation and freezing to death with no relief in sight for a better life. Fast forward to today, and we definitely have that. Fortunately these people are my ancestors.

I woke up this morning, watched the parade over coffee and thought of my grandmother when the rockets came on. It made me remember how much she loved the parade, and looked forward to watching it with her grandchildren.

Today is also the day my grandfather would have turned 100.

At dinner, I thought of all the memories we shared with the loved ones who are no longer with us.

So today, on this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the loved ones who I am lucky enough to spend my life with each day. My rocks. My family.

IMG_9760-NOwatermarkHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!



Thanks- Days 26-27

The past few days have been busy hosting family visiting from out if state. So these past few days I’m thankful for the wonderful gift of transportation. Without it I would get to see some amazing people I now call family.

Thanks- Days 20 to 22

The past few days have brought many triumphs, both professionally and personally. I had a successful photo shoot, some positive feedback at work, and I completed today my final week of my diet challenge. So here are my thanks for the past few days:

Day 20- I am thankful for Crossfit entering my life. It scared me. I made fun of it. I don’t like saying the WOD. But Ima keep coming back. May be hooked…

Day 21- I am thankful for organizational skills. Its nice when it goes noticed…

Day 22- I am thankful for two things: my nutritionist and my will power. Together, I was able to loose 25 in 3 months!!!! I have never felt so good! I can’t believe I could do something like that!

Thanks- Day 16 and 17

Day 16- I am thankful for family. Both blood and family by association.


Day 17- I am thankful for the business my husband and I are starting. We had a very successful shoot today, great feedback on another and looking forward to the future!!!! When you live your passion, it’s hard to think it can be a reality, and when that reality starts to pop through…it’s really quite exciting.


Good day today!