Hello 15!

I considered it punishment when getting on the scale today.

After all…yesterday I was at an Ocktoberfest. I had a beer AND a small piece of pretzel. BLASPHEMY!

So when I saw the number, I thought I was dreaming. Especially since I’ve been teetering around the same place for two weeks it feels. I got on the scale again, and sure enough! I’m down 15 pounds!!!

Now, here’s why this is such a big deal:

1. I haven’t lost that much weight in a clip since 2007.

2. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any fall clothes( and do I need them!) until I lost 15 lbs. 


So it looks like I’ll be doing a little shopping in a week or two!!! 

But I won’t be buying too much…because there’s more to loose!


Baby We Can Work it Out?

I’m at a bit of a crossroads with exercise.

I really hate it. 

At least I’m honest about it…


Back in March I joined a boxing club. I was really excited about it at first. I went the first week, and the instructor was a jerk. He lost patience with me when I didn’t do his moves correctly or too slow. I hadn’t worked out in over a year that day, so I expected to be hurting, but it took me over a week to recover-I got a bad cold right after. I went back a week later, and then slept funny and hurt my shoulder. Three months later, my shoulder was better and I had started running, so I was healthy and back ‘in a groove,’ so I thought going back would wage more fun than pain. 


I had a MASSIVE asthma attack that took three days to recover from. My muscles ached and it felt good, but this happens every.single. time. I go to kickboxing. I went running yesterday, and was fine after 10 minutes. 

Is this my body’s way of telling me I shouldn’t box? Am I subconsciously finding excuses to get out doing it?



21 Days ‘Sober’

I had wine for the first time since i started this…and I ‘m still sober!

I’m sober from the bad choices. Sober of the over eating that wine drinking brings. Sober from drinking too much. I never drink to get drunk…I just really LOVE the tastes of wine! 

My sips are now smaller and my tolerance is much smaller as well! I just can’t drink more than 2 glasses- I feel bloated and a little more buzzed than I’d like to feel. 

And that makes me feel better. A month ago, I could drink an entire bottle of wine, and not feel much…except a headache the next day. I didn’t like that I could do that. 




And just like that, I’m entering week four. I never thought a month could move so fast….

Lessons Learned-Week 2

Yesterday I completed Week Two of “Finding My Fit.”

It was not a successful week on the scale. In fact, I gained 3 lbs. back. I was devastated. Especially since I worked so hard to loose it. And many people told me it was the extremely hot and humid weather, or the simple fact my body just hasn’t ‘let it go.’ But I was pissed. I’ve been measuring every morsel of food going in my mouth. Working out regularly. Made a ton of sacrifices.

Still- I gain 3 pounds.

The important thing is, I am not stoping the plan. I am still fully committed to it. My hope that my body IS having a hard time letting go of the toxins. I’ve lost 1.5 of those pounds already…

Aside from that, I felt good about what I was eating, and confident of my plan. It was also my first week back at school with the kids. And there a few nights of eating out, but I stayed in my plan-made good choices and kept my portions in check. I also learned quite a few lessons about food and my body I’d like to share with you. These things might help you in your journey….

1. Eating out can be stressful. But where ever you are, there is a healthy choice. For example, we ordered out from my favorite mexican take out place. I normally get the enchiladas, but this time I got the stuffed peppers. I simply order a healthier choice without compromising the places I love to eat. Also, pay attention to portion sizes. Yes, they tell you to ‘ask for half to be wrapped’ when you order, but you really don’t know how much you will get. Instead, use your hand as a guide for portions. For protein, you should something the size of the palm of your hand. For fats, your thumb is a tablespoon. And for starched and carbs, no more than 1/2 cup.

2. Always have a healthy snack on you. This will save your life!

3. Reduce dairy- My acupuncturist (yes, it works) told me from the get go that I should try to eliminate dairy from my diet. She said it builds mucus in the system and ‘clouds your chi.’ I didn’t believe her truthfully. However, the first day back from detox, I had dairy…and was sick almost all day. At first I thought it was the coffee or eating ‘richer’ foods with fat again, but by the time I was ready for bed last night, I became phlegmy. I know that sounds gross to hear, but I think my acupuncturist is on to something. I really think too much dairy is not good for you-eggs excluded. Now this doesn’t mean that I am swearing off dairy forever. It just means that I will try to limit my intake to one serving a day- if I have a cheese stick as a snack, then I won’t have a glass of milk with breakfast. That’s all. And let me reiterate that eggs are excluded from the mucus forming ways.

4. Sacrifice makes you feel powerful. When you give something up you enjoy, you are telling your body you love it. And that’s makes you feel good! I feel gaining will power, makes me stronger. Yesterday our school had a happy hour to celebrate the first week. I wanted to go so bad…but I couldn’t drink, so what’s the point? So I went for a run instead. I feel bad, but there will be other times. And I feel so proud of myself for making that healthy choice.

I will continue to use these lessons as I embark on week 3. I just hope the scale starts cooperating. And…I can’t wait to have a glass of wine again next Saturday!!!!

Last Day of Detox!!!!

Yay! I made it. I am so grateful to be done!

Are you ready to hear how much I lost this week????

9.5 POUNDS!!!!!!

Honestly I thought I’d lose ten by now. On Tuesday I was down 8, so I was keeping that momentum that it would keep coming off like that. But it didn’t…and that’s ok. I am proud of what I’ve done. A week ago, I’d tell you I’d only make it to Monday. And then Monday came and went. And once you get over that hump it really is smooth sailing.

However, this is only the first ‘skirmish’ in the battle of the bulge. The real work starts now. Now is when I have to really put on the discipline pants and stay focused. I know I can do it!!!!!

I will admit though, the thought of having to journal or think about every. single. thing. I eat is frustrating for me. It’s time consuming, and I hate when I look for a food and it never really matches up with what is in the list. And the fact that I have to do that for the next year sends me spinning. However, it’s what I need to do to stay on the right path.

I gotta tell you though. It’s gonna feel really good to have a cup of coffee and an egg this morning!!!!!!

Detox- Day 6

Wow! I’m on day 6 already? That was fast! Thank God!!!!

Today was a better day. I had more time in one place today, and I was able to eat pretty regularly throughout the day. Also thank God, because I needed the energy today. It was a busy day!

This morning we had our annual teacher convocation. It’s always a time to ‘rally the troops’ so to speak, but often I’m bored out of my mind and can’t wait to just get into my classroom. Today was different though. Our union president gave an amazing speech about how we need to just be ourselves through all the adversity we face ahead as educators. It really hit me when he said that. Because I think one of my fears about dieting was that it would change me somehow. That I’d be some cranky bitch all the time (don’t ask my husband about that!) and I’d drive away all the people that mean something to me. I thought of it as ‘one more thing on my plate’…literally!! But I’m realizing it really isn’t so much. And it’s not changing me the way I thought it would. I feel better, inspired, dedicated…

They also had someone who came in and talked to us about relationships with colleagues and students. He mentioned this quote from Maya Angelou that i thought was worth sharing:

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

How powerful is that? At least for me, it is. When people diet, we don’t focus on the hard work someone goes through to get results. We focus only on the results. But maybe it is just as important to revel in the changes we makes as we diet. Perhaps if we focus more on the changes we make, they will stick. I realize that it is easy to disconnect the diet with the results once we get there, but I plan to spend the next 11 weeks focusing on the journey…not the destination.

Detox- Day 5

What a whirlwind of a day. First day back at school- no kids yet though. They come Monday.

I was able to follow the diet, but I was disappointed in the day. I planned very carefully to eat midmorning, then lunch before going to a workshop 30 minutes from school. But I never got to eat a full lunch. In true nature form, that time I had was filled with visiting students and parents with questions, so my time to eat was cut to grabbing bites while driving. And I couldn’t eat it all because I was driving with someone, and my lunchbox started to leak and I didn’t want to leak things all over his car, so I stopped eating half way through. I also never got to take my supplements, and they also got all wet and melted. GROSS! It also didn’t help that the facility where the workshop was help provided us with these cute little lunch boxes with drinks and chips and cookies, and I had to sit there and WATCH everyone eat their awesome looking sandwiches… 😦 BOO HOO!

Luckily I didn’t really feel hungry until I got home. And I have a swell dinner of some salmon and sautéed spinach waiting for me!

But I will tell you, after today, I am REALLY looking forward to eating semi-normal again!

Detox- Day 4

Happy Hump Day! I reached the half way point!

It was a great day…

As I literally clean the junk out of my body, I am making room for better things. Like I said a few days ago- ‘Make room for the things you want in life, not the things you have.’ Well, by loosing some of the junk this weekend, I’ve already made room for better things.

This blog. I had more readers today than I’ve ever had before.

My photography site is finally up and running! And my facebook page! It feels amazing!!! This is something I’ve wanted for years now, and with hard work today we got it done. It will feel so good to give a business card with an running website now! I am so looking forward to what lies ahead…

My will power is strong, and what seemed like an eternity, now seems not so bad. And I’ve gotten unexpected encouragement from some good people.

Feeling pretty awesome today…..

Detox- Day 3

This was an uneventful day. Honestly, I was quite out of it.

They tell you when you detox, not to engage in extraneous exercise or activity; that you should take this time to meditate and pay attention to your body. Now I know why they say this. I feel really detached- like I’m listening to people, but not listening. I’m sure it’s something psychological. I feel a little empty, which might be why I use food to fill ‘whatever’ it is I’m trying to fill. Hopefully I can figure it out soon.

It also didn’t help that my tummy was doing donuts all day. I think I had a little bug. Either way I wasn’t in a groove. I can’t wait to go to bed.

My sister did come up with a good recipe, that we both did for dinner; each with different results. There are probably a million ways to make it, but here’s the basics:

Grill or bake mushrooms and onions. Roast a bulb of garlic. Do not use any oil. You could also sauté this in a little broth too. Add a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of water. Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 30-45 minutes to make a ragu. While that’s cooking, thinly slice a zucchini with a peeler or use a julienne attachment on a mandolin. Steam the zucchini and then put the ragu sauce over the zucchini, like it’s pasta. It was really tasty, I didn’t feel like I was dieting while eating it!

photo-30 photo-31 photo-32

Detox- Day 2

I totally crashed last night around 6PM. I hit this wall of exhaustion where I could crawl into bed and sleep the week away. Obviously I couldn’t do that though- I had to go to a family dinner.

Thank God my sister is doing this with me. Last night my mom made like the best family dinner ever, and Kerry and I were reduced to grilled mushrooms and squash. At one point, she and I started laughing uncontrollably over the situation…that would otherwise be tears of frustration.

I made it through, but not without some scathing remarks to my husband and a bedtime of around 9PM!

I woke up with a mondo headache that I’ve been fighting for a couple days now. I’m thinking it might be lack of protein. I got the ok to have some, and I INSTANTLY felt better.

I had a BBQ today as well. I was worried I would cave, especially since someone showed up with spinach dip in a bread bowl. But like I said in the last blog, I have some of the most supportive friends. There was a huge veggie tray to munch on, and some chicken skewers. My sister texted me to check in. I was able to eat with everyone, just not as freely. And the mantra I hold true- when anyone goes to a BBQ, do we really just go for the food? Of course not!

Feeling strong….