Thanksgiving Wine

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for many. Cooking a large dinner for some could be considered a daunting task in modern times. For others, it is simply ‘dealing’ with family on various levels.

For me it has always been wine. Turkey isn’t exactly the easiest meat to pair with wine. Many ‘winos’ tell us that White Zinfandels or Roses work best. And I can see why, but for someone like me who likes wine drier than a dessert, it isn’t the easiest meal to pair with. However, I have a bag of ‘tricks’ to help EVERYONE find a wine we can all raise a glass to for thankful meal.

Identify Your Meal Palette

Think about the overall flavor of your meal. If your family tends to cook side dishes on the sweet side (yams, squash, root veggies, etc) then you actually would want a sweeter wine with dinner. Even if you don’t like sweet wines, it won’t taste sweet since turkey is considered a ‘sweeter’ meat and paired with the sweeter sides, the wine will not appear as such. A sweet wine will actually balance all that sweetness and you will taste the other (better) qualities of the wine. Go for a French Dry Rose or a moscato. Reislings and Geurtweimers are also AMAZING choices- german types are easiest to get, but if you can get your hands on a Finger Lakes, go with a Herman J. Weimer!!!!!

If your palette is more savory, then stick with a lighter red, such as Pinot Noir. That wine will not over power your turkey, and it still shine amongst the other dishes, like stuffing, creamed onions or green been casserole. SInce I grew up in a very Italian American neighborhood, I know many families often do ham and pasta dishes. Pinot Noir is still a good choice, but you can go a little darker with a cab/merlot blend. I’d even do a full Cabernet Savignon if your food is very rich.

Dessert is simple- PORT PORT PORT! What says Thanksgiving more than a slice of pie (mince meat with hard sauce) and a nice red port???? Jersey Devil Port is my personal choice. You can order some here if you’re intereseted.

Wines I’ll be drinking today:

Villa Milagro-Grasias and Feliz Navidad (

Knapp  White Cab Franc

Jersey Devil Port

Whatever you drink this Thanksgiving, be thankful to share it with the ones you love. We are all so blessed with so many things, my hope is that we all see that…especially at troubled times. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!


A Hot Meal to Cure the Sandy Blues

I never understood why the free lunch program HAS to include a hot meal every day. I always thought it was a waste since kids seem to like sandwiches over those hot meals anyway.

Until Hurricane Sandy hit.

I am lucky. I lost power only for a few hours.

Today I saw cars in line for gas 3 miles long and 200 people back for their generators. I never thought this could happen here, but it is.

My sister and her family with two young boys lost power Monday night, and were told it could be 1-2 weeks until it comes back on. They are staying in my 1-BR apartment. It crowed here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is what family is all about. Last night, their first night here, I made spaghetti and chicken parm meatballs. I knew the boys would like it.

My sister said that after two days with no power, nothing felt better than a hot meal.

A hot meal.

How blessed are we to have a hot meal during a time like this.

If you have the electricity to read this, and need a hot meal, hit me up and I’ll make sure you get one. I am BLESSED to be able to help you.

Tonight for dinner is Taco Soup.